NAME Garoto (Gijs de Lange)

PLACE The Hague (The Netherlands)

EDUCATION Royal Academy of Art (The Hague)


StudioGaroto was established in 2011 by Gijs de Lange (Garoto), who studied graphic design at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague, the Netherlands. After graduating, Gijs started to work as a freelancer and opened his own studio.

StudioGaroto is inspired by colour, form, time, space, rhythm and energy. These are key notions in my ideas about visual branding. StudioGaroto creates functional and tempting graphic design for small and large businesses and institutions.

From corporate identities to websites and from apps and print to videos and commercials, Garoto strives to create what is best for your company and target.

StudioGaroto works together with other creative colleagues in the fields of design and technology.

Besides graphic design and visual communication, Gijs de Lange provides art workshops for children and students.

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