Logo/ Identity

Renaissance IT Logo for IT company Renaissance IT.
The idea was to create a ‘swoosh’-
like logo.
Garoto Ocean - Ride 2 Remember New surf brand by StudioGaroto.
Living only for the moment.
Surftees and sweaters.
Mindful Motion Center Design for the new MMC logo.
Strength comes from the core.
StudioGaroto Second logo for Garoto. Its offcourse
refering to the Coca-Cola logo but
better ;)
Paradise Discount Card Discount in Paradise...
What else do we want?!
Riso Brasil Riso means: ‘smile’. So we made a
smiley logo for Riso Brasil, a blog
about Brasil in The Netherlands.
Spakler & Verwoolde New logo for building company
Spakler & Verwoolde, Amsterdam &
Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Dobrudja Enterprises Logo for Dobrudja Enterprises. A
starting company with a Bulgarian
background in The Netherlands.
Piccolo Mondo The new logo of theater restaurant
Piccolo Mondo has the shape of the
building and it’s colours.
Raizes - Origin of life Logo for the Dutch/Brazilian travel
company Raizes, which means:
VIP Tennistraining Logo for VIP tennistraining.
Clear and simple design also used
in gold, silver and bronze.
ASHA Logo for ASHA.
ASHA stands for balance, human
well-being and holistic life.