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Capoeira, book + movie

Concept, cover, text & illustrations by StudioGaroto.

The book included a history of capoeira, an interview with Mestre Grilo, and capoeira illustrations. The book contains a DVD box with a short movie about capoeira, with capoeira songs and a booklet with the lyrics of the songs.

Book illustrations

Illustrations of capoeira players and typographical illustrations.

Free capoeira illustration

Two capoeira players.

Capoeira T-shirts

T-shirt design for the yearly event of Mestre Grilo in Amsterdam.

Professor Carranca

Handdrawn logo presented here on a businesscard for Professor Carranca, Capoeira Vadiãçao, Escola Senzala.

Viva meu mestre!

A homage to my master, mestre Grilo from Escola Senzala.

Encontro de inverno XI, Capoeira winter meeting

Flyer for the yearly winter meeting in Amsterdam 2015.

Festa do Brasil

Poster for Festa do Brasil, a Brazilian party, organized by mestre Grilo, Grilocapoeira, Escola Senzala.

An energetic party with live music and DJ’s, dance and maybe some capooeira at club Amsterdam Roest.

Flyer capoeira courses

Flyer for the new starting capoeira season.

Book - Nestor Capoeira

Cover design, layout and concept by StudioGaroto. Garoto compiled this booklet together with mestre Grilo about Nestor Capoeira, capoeira mestre of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Poster capoeira 4 kids

New poster for Capoeira 4 kids in Amsterdam. Lessons by Mestre Grilo.