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Crossing border

For the pitch of the poster of Crossing Border, The Hague, StudioGaroto created this image: A streat-artist blowing on his flute-nose and blowing out the colourful words CROSSING BORDER.

Crossing Border combines poetry with music and is one of the greater events of the city of The Hague.

* I ended 3d in the competition

Sketch & final puppet

Sketch phase.

First sketches/ painting of mister Flute-nose

Here Garoto painted the flute-nose, sketch phase.

More sketches of mister Flute-nose

In this phase I didn’t think about making a 3D version of mister flute- nose yet.

Little booklet

To show the jury the way I work, I also made a little booklet about the making off of mr. Flute-nose.