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The Theater Restaurant

StudioGaroto did the Identity of the new, re-opened theater restaurant Piccolo Mondo in the Lucent Danstheater, The Hague.

* Including the window letters shown on this picture :)

2 Logo’s

2 Matching Logo’s for a restaurant and its catering company: Piccolo Mondo - Theaterrestaurant and Con Gusto - Catering.

Light up!

This lightbox advertisement is shining at the entrance of the restaurant.

Logo sticker on window

The logo used on a transparent sticker on the door.

Letter, enveloppe & card

Printed on a natural paper for a fine and personal result.

Busines card

StudioGaroto designed this card with an elegant, subtle background, matching the colours used within the restaurant.

Menu Card

Very simple menu card design. Clear and easy to renew for the owners of the restaurant.


To be in the spotlight you have to be at the spotlight. This board is positioned outside the restaurant so all passants will notice what’s on the menu tonight.

The text can be changed easily by changing the prints on a transparent paper.