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Riso Brasil - Logo

StudioGaroto did the logo design and basic Identity for RISO BRASIL. Riso Brasil means: ‘smile Brasil’ and thats what comes back in the logo. A big smiley in a square that represents the Brazilian flag.

Riso Brasil - Enveloppe

Here you see the Enveloppe. The orange colour represents The Netherlands, for its a dutch company representing Brasil in The Netherlands.

Riso Brasil - Businesscard

Businesscards for Riso Brasil.

Riso Brasil - Website

Riso Brasil online! Here you’ll find lots of information about Brasil in The Netherlands, including a blog, reviews, language lessons, parties and more.

Riso Brasil - Online

For the homepage StudioGaroto created the image of the famous Jesus from Rio de Janeiro, standing on the Dam square in Amsterdam as shown on this image.

Riso Brasil - Futbol

As the worldcup had just started Garoto also did this T-shirt for Riso Brasil.