Alfa in 3D

3D modelling and letter design of the word ‘Alfa’.

Rock Surf

Letters designed for Rock Surf, the coolest surfshop in Medewi, Bali.

Blockparty, Nobody Alowed

Design for Garoto’s very own
blockparty. Big party, lots of beerz,
burgerz & sneekerzzz.

Nobody allowed..
Catch you on the flipside!

Cool design

Typographical poster for a design workshop by StudioGaroto.

Ode to Helvetica

Helvetica is Helvetica ;) StudioGaroto.


Magazine page about Dondi,
one of the first graffity writers in
New York in the 70’s.

Festa do Brasil

Poster design for the Brazilian party:
Festa do Brasil, Roest, Amsterdam.

StudioGaroto designed the letters of
FESTA DO BRASIL to fit with the idea
of the party. A brazilian party:
music... percussion... dance...!

World wide water waste

Letter design and concept on water.
World Wide Water Waste is a project
to make people aware of water on our
planet and how to deal with it.

The ‘Alpha-wet’

StudioGaroto designed the ‘Alpha-wet’ for the World Wide Water Waste project.

Minimal type

StudioGaroto created a letter, aiming
to take away from the letter as much
as possible and still being able to read
the letter.

Cover & layout

Book design: ‘Op zoek naar het ijzeren gordijn’. The journey of 2 dutch friends on a tandem, looking for the old East/West German borders.

StudioGaroto designed the cover and did the layout.

Paradise discount card

Logo for Paradise Discount Card. Bali & Lombok, Indonesia.

Business card for ‘Tekstverwerker’

Typographical business card for a copywriter in Amsterdam.

Funk up everybody!

Funk type. StudioGaroto

Ride 2 Remember!

Logo for Ride2Remember. Living only for the moment!
Garoto Ocean

Handpainted lettering boat

Garoto did the lettering of a boat. The 2 sides and the back are now filled with a special designed letter for this assignment, by StudioGaroto.

Free type

Freestyle type characterism. New characters for a new language for a new world.

Urban arts in transit

Cover design for Urban arts in Transit.

In this edition they are researching the possibilities for development of the urban arts in The Netherlands.

I used an image of one of the most famous streerartist of this time, BANKSY (the girl with the balloon), and made her grab the letters of ‘urban arts’ to lift them up with her into the sky.

Chalk type

Chalkboard for Beachclub ZUID, Scheveningen, The Hague.


Made this one after a heavy surfsesh!
Ride 2 Remember! Garoto Ocean

Chalk type

Freestyle chalk-type on chalkboards.
A great burger needs great type ;)